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Colin Maclachlan is a former 22 SAS soldier with over 25 years of security and risk related experience.

Colin was involved in some of the most high profile SAS operations in recent history. One of which the famed Operation Barras.

Having nearly a decade of Special Forces experience, some of which, including both being a hostage and saving them Colin has a unique take on resilience and leadership.

Shortly before retiring Colin completed an exchange programme with both Seal Team 6 and Delta Force during JSOC operations in Iraq.

Providing him with a basis to discuss teamwork that is rivalled by few.

Since leaving the army Colin has done security consultancy for the Saudi Royal Family, A-list celebrities, US media networks, worked in motion capture for video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, obtained a first class honours degree in terrorism, been a DS on Channel 4 Who Dares Wins, started his own charity that aims to support veterans, co-founded Stoic Events and carried out captivating motivational and after dinner speaking events.

Speaking topics:
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Risk
  • Motivation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Change management
  • Negotiation
  • Performance.


Tom Satterly is a highly decorated 20 year Delta Force veteran, having received a Silver Star, 4 Bronze Stars, 1 for Valorous acts, fighting in Operation Gothic Serpent which was portrayed in the Oscar Winning 2001 film: Black Hawk Down, capturing Saddam Hussein and much more.

Beyond Tom’s proven experience of leadership and critical decision making skills in high-risk environments, he continues to fight and win his own “silent war” off the battlefield after coming within seconds of taking his own life and becoming a veteran suicide statistic.

Today, Tom is on his most important mission to date with his wife and partner, Jen. Together, they are co-Founders and co-CEOs of All Secure Foundation, a non-profit organisation serving Special Operation veterans and their families reconnect and heal on the homefront. Their organisation has been recognised as a top rated non profit by Great Nonprofits and has grown to serve thousands of combat families.

Both Tom and Jen are seasoned and dynamic keynote speakers, delivering their story and message in a captivating, emotional and inspiring way.

Jonny Wilkinson

One of the most famous and decorated rugby players of all time Jonny Wilkinson was the epitome of professionalism and sportsmanship; however his success took a psychological toll. 
In honest and unguarded speeches he speaks frankly about the pressure of expectation, the mental health implications of being a leader and how his lessons can offer practical advice to anyone seeking a more balanced, rewarding and meaningful life. 

Pasha Munro

Pasha Munro is a former Royal Marines Mountain Leader and SBS operator with over 27 years of military experience. Pasha specialises in helping business leaders get more from their people by building cultural transformation and resilience through a plethora of tried and tested consultation skills.

Jeremy EVANS

Jeremy survived one of the worst bear attacks in recorded history. Having been mauled three times which resulted in severe damage to everywhere apart from his feet his remarkable story of resilience, endurance and bravery was only just beginning.

After a failed suicide attempt during the attack Jeremy had to trek and drive several miles whilst battling injuries too severe to detail. Nowadays Jeremy tell his emotional and powerful story at after dinner and motivational talks where he also promotes his book ‘Mauled’.  


Having a 20 year SAS career ending in 2021 James is one of the most experienced operators out there. At no time in history have people been at war longer than the past 20 years and James has spent that time at the tip of the spear at a strategic level rivalled by no other unit.

Having spent two decades operating both overtly and covertly all round the world James has an incredibly vast wealth of knowledge on all the subjects you can imagine + more! 
James is available for motivational and consultancy talks whether that be to a business as a whole, separate departments, individuals or a combination of them all in a workshop format. 
Speaking topics:
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Stress management 
  • Delivery
  • Communication
Consultancy topics include:
  • International relations
  • AI
  • Tech
  • Terrorism
  • Geo politics
  • Data
  • Cyber Security

+ many more

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